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Saumalaakso Ltd – State-of-the-art joint sealing from Finland

It is sad that so many great and expensive buildings have been corrupted because of leaking or badly functioning element joints. Moisture entering inside walls through broken seams causes, for example, different moisture damage and mildew that may be harmful to people. In addition, joint seals need to prevent air pollution and noise from entering the rooms. But then again, in hot weather, costly cooled fresh air must not leak out from rooms at once.

High-quality joint sealing requires a broad understanding of the basics of the suitable sealants and knowhow of the right working methods. Sometimes, when fixing, e.g., badly broken elements next to joints, special and a bit complicated solutions are needed as well. The best joint sealing solutions are to be found in Saumalaakso Ltd in Finland.

Finland is a forerunner in concrete element construction and concrete element joint sealing in the world. Element building has been the dominant construction method since the 60’s. Especially challenging climate has made Finland a testing laboratory for concrete element joint seals as well. In winter it is often almost minus 30 degrees Celsius and in summer almost plus 30 degrees Celsius. Because of that much of thermal motion, joint seals of concrete elements must withstand continuous stretching and compression.

Saumalaakso Ltd is the leading concrete element joint sealing company in Finland. Moreover, the company has developed and researched concrete element joint sealing in an exceptional way together with universities, research organizations and vocational institutes. In addition to concrete element joint sealing work methods and materials, the special know-how of Saumalaakso Ltd are the following:

  • Optimizing sealants and joint sealing working methods to the customer’s needs.
  • Fixing concrete elements gaps and rusted reinforcements of elements, especially next to the
    joint seals.
  • Demanding facade corrections.
  • Solutions for challenging coating problems of facades.
  • Firecrackers in buildings and joint seals.
  • Impregnation and coating solutions for facades.
  • Optimization of façade maintenance life cycle.
  • Examinations of facades including PCB, lead and asbestos.
  • Product development of hoisting equipment, especially sledges.
  • Optimization of hoisting equipment to the needs of the customer.
  • Rental of lifters.

Saumalaakso Ltd is a Finnish family business founded in 1986 by Mr Boris Panschin. The company has prospered in the field of concrete element joint sealing through good times and bad times by solving successfully its customers’ needs and keeping promises without asking for the price. After all, the most important cornerstone for the success is the most competent concrete element joint sealers in the world.

Mr Boris Panschin, the founder of Saumalaakso Ltd, is the pioneer and an internationally recognized expert in the field of concrete element joint sealing in the world. Boris, who has a pensionable age, is nowadays the chairman of the Board of Saumalaakso Ltd. In addition, he uses his time making judgments in District Court and teaching concrete element joint sealing in Work Efficiency Institute.

In 2021 the turnover of Saumalaakso Ltd was 7.0 million euros and the company employed about 60 employees. The global state-of-the-art expertise of concrete element joint sealing has been crystallized in this kind of company in Finland. How is it possible? Ask this and Finnish win-win education systems for the world-famous professor and researcher Manuel Castells from Berkeley University of California.

Mr Anton Panschin is the chief executive officer of Saumalaakso Ltd since 2015. Anton has deepened the co-operation between Saumaakso Ltd, robot product developing companies, Aalto University and The Work Efficiency Institute Finland. Nowadays, it is fashionable for an employee to change an employer often. Anton runs in different direction. He is dedicated to serving the company’s customers and employees at least for forty years. He wants his precious state-of-the-art joint sealers to stay in Saumalaakso Ltd for life.

Saumalaakso Ltd is very proud of its state-of-the-art joint sealers. They are selected based on work ethics. When an employee has proven his ethics by deeds, he is taken care of in a Nordic way and educated as well as possible.

Anton Panschin and Saumalaakso are very interested in the product development of concrete element joint sealing and joint sealing education. Work Efficiency Institute and Saumalaakso have developed the Success Pedagogy Method. It has proven to be a very suitable method to educate joint sealers who have a passion to do joint sealing as well as possible. The Success Pedagogy Method has been tested in immigration education in Work Effciency Institute and is found to given lasting results.

Would you like to join our story or know more about The Success Pedagogy Method?

For more information:
Anton Panschin, Saumalaakso Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, tel. +358 40 016 5579,,

In concrete element joint sealing, it is important to choose the right sealants, tools and working methods. Saumalaakso Ltd is for you to find the right solutions.

Mr Anton Panschin, The Chief Executive Officer of Saumalaakso Ltd, consulting joint sealing in India in 2018. Anton is very proud of his state-of-the-art team of joint sealing professionals. His team has so much unique know-how and experience that they can solve almost any problem related to concrete element joint sealing. Saumalaakso experts have been consulting, e.g., in India, Turkey and Russia. Saumalaakso Ltd has also educated, e.g., Chinese joint sealers.

Mr Boris Panschin, The founder of Saumalaakso in 1986, is an internationally recognized pioneer and the leading expert in concrete element joint sealing. Boris has successfully accomplished many great and complicated joint sealing projects, for example, in Russia. Nowadays, Mr Boris Panschin teaches joint sealing in Saumalaakso Academy.

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