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State-of-the-art joint sealing education with Success Pedagogy

Joint sealing work is extremely important, even if the joints are only one percent of the concrete element building facade. Leaking joints corrupt the building, in spite of the fact that it is made of expensive materials and built by professionals. High-quality joint sealing requires a broad understanding of suitable sealants and know-how of the right working methods. Saumalaakso Academy educates state-of-the-art joint sealing using The Success Pedagogy Method in a sound

Saumalaakso Ltd has a very unique knowhow and experience in concrete element joint sealing. During the decades, it has accomplished many demanding joint sealing works in Nordic climate, which is extremely demanding for joint seals. Saumalaakso Ltd has founded Saumaakso Academy to spread the best knowledge of joint sealing and educate joint sealing according to the needs of customers. The knowledge and education of Saumalaakso Academy are based on close co-operation between Saumalaakso Ltd, material producers, universities and research institutes.

Work Efficiency Institute Finland and Saumalaakso Ltd have developed together The Success Pedagogy Method. This method has been used successfully in educating old and new joint sealers. Saumalaakso Acamedy has had students from all over the world.

´This Success Pedagogy is based ona learning cycle of the experimental learning method. We want to give a tailored learning booster experience to each individual student every day, and take the most out of these experiences by means of different learning methods and sound reflection`, tells Mika Karkulahti, the teacher of The Success Pedagogy Method from Work Efficiency Institute.

When the students have their focus on the right issues, studies will continue by using more and more integrative pedagogy. It means that the students learn by doing together with joint sealing professionals and reflecting with them the core issues of joint sealing.

´Because joint sealing is accurate handwork, it is so important that the students` focus is on right issues all the time, and that they learn the right working methods and techniques needed in different cases. For example, if there is too much sealant in the joint, the sealant will debond from the gripping surface. If the sealant material layer is too thin, it will tear or split down the middle`, explains Mr Anton Panschin, The Chief Executive Officer of Saumalaakso Ltd.

Students of Saumalaakso Academy, who past the certain written and the practical test at the end of the course, will get a license to do concrete element joint sealing works in Finland. The license is equivalent to the Finnish / European certificate of Further Qualification in Building Construction part
33 ”flexible joints”.

There will be a new EU-directive in a few years which demands that obligatory license to practice a certain profession in one EU-country need to be accepted in another EU-country. So the certificate of Saumalaakso Academy is to be accepted in every EU-country when a new EU-directive comes into force.

For more information:

Anton Panschin, Saumalaakso Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, tel. +358 40 016 5579,,

There is a solution for leaking element joints of concrete elements. Mr Anton Panschin, The CEO of Saumalaakso Ltd, founded Saumalaakso Academy to spread the unique know-how and experience of Saumalaakso Ltd, which has developed during decades in close co-operation with universities, material producers and research institutes.

Saumalaakso Academy educates concrete element joint sealers according to the needs of customers. Students may study the certificate that is equivalent to Finnish Further Qualification in Building Construction part 33″flexible joints”. Finnish certificate will be accepted in every EU-country when a new EU-directive comes into force in a few years.

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